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'Tis the season to SELL

It’s cold, it’s dark… it’s OFFICIALLY fall! We all know the obvious perks that come along with this time of year – sweaters, flannels, boots, pumpkin everything (basic, I KNOW), holidays, etc. But one of the less-known perks is SELLING YOUR HOME! Yes, I know it goes against everything that you’ve been told about real estate but let’s think about this…


Because not everyone gets the inside info from me (wink), a lot of people believe they should wait to sell until the spring. Great news for you! Less inventory will work to your advantage. There aren’t as many homes for sale so buyers don’t have as many options.


People that are looking to buy a home during the fall and winter are more motivated. Spring and summer months are full of the “just lookers” who are not necessarily ready to purchase. These off-season buyers have a real need that is pushing them to close on a house quickly… think work relocation or major life change!


How much time do you spend sitting at home during the summer?... EXACTLY, not much! Spring and summer is party time – time for weekend trips, vacations, weddings, family reunions and BBQs. Buyers are back and now they are less distracted and ready to focus on finding their new home.

SO, if you’re ready to talk, or know someone who is… LET’S TALK! I also have a whole list of DOs and DON'Ts for selling in the fall and winter, so LMK if you want it.

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