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New Year, New Home?!?

The colder months are a GREAT time to buy or sell as mentioned in my last blog (shoutout to my clients closing over the next 4 weeks) and it’s true! But we all know that *Spring* is the most popular time of the year to buy or sell.

The benefits? Well, home shopping in warm weather is more fun, it makes for better pics (both professionally and insta-worthy shots), easier transitioning before the start of a new school year, and home improvements are so much more doable.

The cons? EVERYONE IS DOING IT! The spring housing market typically runs March through June. We are still seeing low inventory, so homes are going to continue to sell fast. Sellers - now is your time to shine! Buyers- now is the time to get serious!

Don’t let the market scare you - NOW is the time for you to prep. My job is to literally know the moment your dream home hits the market (if not before) so we will be ready.

Here’s what YOU need to do:


Time to make a list! What do you NEED and what do you WANT? When you know what you’re looking for - you’ll be ready to put in an offer when you see it. Yes, you may have to compromise, but not on the most important of your must-haves.


Narrow down the list of where you want to be. Once you do, try to get a real sense of what it would be like to live there. Drive through at different times of the day and week, test out your commute from the neighborhood during rush hour, and visit the local hot spots.


It’s time to get all of your finances in order. Meet with a lender (I have a great one if you need one) - they will help make sure that your credit is in good shape and that you have enough set aside for your down payment and closing costs. You cannot put in an offer without a preapproval so let’s get one now!

THAT’S IT! Not scary, right? Now let's make this happen! 2K18 is your year ;-)

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