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Faux Fireplace Glam

The faux fireplace is one of my NEW fav pieces of décor. Why? Because they are so glam and there’s so much you can do to make them a unique focal point in basically any room in your home or apartment (ummm except maybe the kitchen and bath).

Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize your fireplace without real fuego:

Go fresh. The inside of your fireplace is a perfect place to display flowers and plants! Instead of distracting from the interesting architecture of your fireplace, it can enhance and draw attention to it. Flowers can add color and dimension to your room while green plants can add freshness and soft lines. You can even go seasonal in your décor by displaying fresh pine sprigs or holly branches during the holidays.

Get cozy. Your fireplace can be warm and cozy even without the roaring wood fire by creating the (almost) same effect with candles! An arrangement of pillar candles can create the same romantic vibe in your room without the smoke, mess or hassle. ALSO - this is a great solution for those with allergies. You can even switch out traditional candles for the electric variety, which is the perfect solution for homeowners with pets.

Stack firewood. Just because you don’t have the actual fire, you can still keep the classic elements… like firewood! Give your unused fireplace the feeling of wood fire by stacking logs inside. The natural wood will give your room a rustic and homey ambiance.

Snuggle spot for pets. Pets often like covered places to curl up. If your fireplace allows, your best friend might love a warm little nook to nap in. (Aww so cute!!)

Create a bar. Your faux fireplace can be your new party spot! If you’re into it, consider turning your beautiful, unused fireplace into a makeshift bar. Place a wine rack on the floor and display your favorite bottles. Place a small table over the top to store glasses and barware. At your next party, let guests serve themselves!

So many different ways to glam up your faux fireplace... what's your fav?!

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